How This Works

How this weblog works. 

The Home Page contains the main body of writing.  Its structure, like all weblogs, is a reverse of the reading flow of print on paper. Here the earliest is at the end, the very bottom of the screen, with the most recent at the top.

This main body alternates between posts called a Movie Salon  a suggestion for a movie, or movies to watch and the Discourse Parlor  where I post my thoughts about the movies & themes suggested in that Salon.

In addition to the fully outfitted cinematic expeditions of our Salons & Palors there is, in the right hand margin of this screen, yes over there – a Family Tree of Stories.  Here are planted films that add voice in some specific way (as indicated by the categories) to this exploration of our inherited narratives and the change afoot in them.  These are accompanied by brief bits of writing that explain their reason for being sheltered here.   This is by way of tracking my own wanderings.

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