Holy Smoke

For this story, Holy Smoke, set a century down the road from The Piano’s Ada McGrath, Campion taps Ruth Barron as her explorimatrix through the complex realms of the body female.  Her body, a magnetic field of young womanhood, the lifeforce energy of eros comes effortlessly to, and at her.  She radiates fertility.  

Nothing hidden by hoop skirts or hats, here.  Nothing mute.  Her attractiveness is a resource she wields with intuitive mastery.  Her possession of her body is complete, hers to give and take as she chooses.  It is simply the physical form she inhabits during her spiritual quest.  Because for Ruth, to be body, only, is not enough.

Read the entire Parlor Discourse On the Nature of Love in Jane Campion’s Holy Smoke here.

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