The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Written and directed by Rebecca Miller.  Starring Robin Wright.  2009.

This film, along with Leaving and I Am Love, is included in the Discourse Parlor Womanhood’s Escape from the Reproductive Model.

Pippa of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee exists within a reproductive model of womanhood which, until this present moment (when the survival of our species is no longer at threat from any life form other than ourselves) has been the essential model.  The way.  The desired & optimal endpoint of standard, majority womanhood. 

The origins of this model branch from a most ancient male insecurity (can he trust loving the son you birthed to be his own?) which conceives of woman as body, only and entombs our gift for birthing within the greater need of assuring paternity; within a greater need to secure the hard fought battle (against other males) to win certainty of male lineage of blood, position, property. 

Follow this link to visit the Discourse Parlor on The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

The Salon that proposed this Parlor is Are Women Escaping?

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