What do I mean by this term Narrative Otherways?

First.  To my way of thinking we humans are responsible to our earth and to ourselves in ways we have previously sublimated, externalized and displaced onto G(g)od(s).  To realize the meaning of this precious life we create Story: a bringing to consciousness which is fundamental to us.

Narrative, the viewpoint and structure of Story, is its DNA.  And like all that’s organic, it mutates.  We are living through a powerful mutation now in the exponential expansion of the digital.  We find ourselves at the end of a narrative that’s gotten us a tremendously long way, brought us out of the cave, kept us good company and given us heart but is less and less able to provide meaning and therefore can no longer sustain us.  I call this way of telling that has been and is now passing the Male Narrative and have spent some time on this treasured inheritance in a Salon in these screenpages called Explorations of the End of the Male Narrative and in the consequent Discourses here and here.

So by this term Narrative Otherways (and I hope you’ll help me with this) I mean a not-entirely-yet that may include:

Stories that attempt a truthful portrait of this fleetingness life and get out of the way, rather miraculously, allowing us to let go into and out of ourselves.  Stories that refuse to fall back on that slight of hand substitution of simulacra (as spectacular and breathtaking as these so often are) for representation of deep being.

Stories that refrain from silencing, which can come disguised as technical or oratorical prowess, and instead live up to the pact of teller and witness.  Such a pact promises to gift us meaning, an energy that we can take back into our lives to sustain us and that, like a good relationship, makes us want to speak, to contribute, too.  This is the refilling well of engagement, of emotional growth that opens consciousness and which is our reason for being here on earth.  Evolving consciousness, that is.

Stories that re-perceive darkness as restorative, repairing, a break from the heat (as in shade), and not only as a negative.  Now that the dark, quiet places are almost gone.

Stories that explore the unhealthiness of living in/through the lives of others (our voyeuristic tendencies so akin to the storyform itself), of the direct use of others’ lives as if they were ours to use (human all too human parasitic tendencies bolstered by privilege); stories that traverse the sparking that is creation within and without a single human, that recognize this is, like catching lighting in a bottle, at end, uncontainable.  And show, allow trust in that.  The opening palm…

So – a few ideas of what this Narrative Otherways might be.  There are more I’m sure, but I can’t pull them from the ether just yet…That’s what this call and response webproject of watching and discussing these movies is to be all about.

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