Movie Salon: Susanne Bier’s After the Wedding

Welcome.  This weblog is brought to you by Women in Film Seattle.  I am Annie Grosshans, your Lookout and guide here. 

The first Movie Salon suggestion is After the Wedding (“Efter Brylluppet”)  2006,  director/writer Susanne Bier, co-writer Anders Thomas Jensen.   

See the TRAILER 

Susanne Bier’s story is built on the characters of two men from opposite ends of the earth, both on a journey of family and paternity.  What looks like a family drama turns out to be an exploration of that old narrative of Hunter and prey, of the man who takes life to sustain his own, brought forward into contemporary Denmark.

Why this story?  Your Lookout has chosen After the Wedding as the first suggestion for our Salon because Susanne Bier’s film gives such convincing evidence that our narrative pathways are changing at a deeply fundamental level.  With Ms. Bier we track the high stakes shift in the emotional ground beneath a family and find an absolute Reason to Keep the Faith.  

Watch the movie and see for yourself.  If you’ve got NETFLIX it’s available on DVD or streaming.

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