Signs of Spring Movie Salon Potpourri

In which we continue our explorations of the unfolding Narrative Otherways by:

  •  Hosting a continuation of our Parlor on the Nature of Love through a Dialogue on the film Closer.
  •  Casting an eye back to push forward our quest for the persistently desired, it seems, Female Hero’s Journey in a second Dialogue on Winter’s Bone.
  • Taking a wander in the forest of our Family Tree of Stories to spot some budding growth on its branches. 

The shift is on. 

Upcoming Discourse Parlor: on Closer and Winter’s Bone.

By way of shaking things up some from our past Parlors’ sweated over, concentration requiring sort of writing birthed, as I was, from the long & magnificent Era of the Printed Word, we will give a nod in our upcoming Parlor to forms bred of the present swift-winged Digital Era by running two Dialogues.  

I intend these Dialogues to be breezier reads.  They are constructed from written exchanges, to and fro, across a bit of time between myself and two of our engaged Salon Netizens. 

The first will be on Closer, 2007.  Director Mike Nichols.  This wild-ride of a film with its stage play linage is both a continuation of our recent Parlor on The Nature of Love, being chocked full of rumination on the waft and weave of the male/female love affair, at least its predatory aspects, and an addendum to our Salon on the End of the Male Narrative in that it smart talks the love to death until there’s no love left at all, nothing of the energetic burst that attracts us one to an other.  Because of this straddling I think of this film as a transition narrative; a masterful illumination of the fallacy of love as practiced in the boxed canyon where its male elaboration has abandoned us.

Heads upCloser is a pretty complicated story, and we won’t spend much time reviewing the plot, so by the time this Dialogue posts in a couple weeks, it will probably make more sense if you watch the film beforehand.   

The second Dialogue is on Winter’s Bone, 2010. Directed by Debra Granik.  This story ties into a previous Salon, Are We Questing for a Female Hero’s Journey?  There, as you may recall, we claimed our Dragon Girl’s story as on an emergent path of the Narrative Otherways.  In this Ozarks tale our young woman’s search is for her absent father, not the serial murderer of women, but the searching’s a quest, nonetheless.  And the value to which her heart stays true is the nutrition bearing pulse of relation that ties us all, one to the other. Like blood.

And then…because… 

The trail of crumbs leading us in the direction of a Narrative Otherways feels as if it has gained breadth of late with filmstory elaborations of other ways of being round every narrative corner.  Our muscles cramp from exertion here in the Fellowship of the Salon!   We can barely keep up. 

New to the Pages:

In recognition of this, several branches of our Family Tree of Stories have had a growth spurt. 

Change is in the air. 

Reasons to Keep the Faith branch:

  • The Messenger.  This war movie of little gestures and empathetic detail of character tallies the cost of killing but it does not leave us there.  It presses on to run its gentle fingers along the sutures, calling up the alchemy of healing out of loss.  
  • Lady Chatterley.  This new French take makes multiple turns of evolution on the “scandalous” story birthed from the West’s first wave of taking an eyes wide open look at female/male sexual love and where, oh where it could lead us.  Needless to say, this story fills in another piece of our inquiry into the Nature of Love.  

End of the Male Narrative branch:

Broken Promises branch:

  • Black SwanPerhaps we could look at this story of a young woman driven to please and perfection, who gives her life over to dance so utterly that she loses it, literally, as something other than a broken promise.  But from our perspective as seekers of the Narrative Otherways this tragedy did not give us the trade of enlightenment we bargin so hard for in exchange for the suffering endured by its young dancer, our woman in the game.

Periodic Links page:

  • And in light of these feelings, we’ve turned over the discoursing on Black Swan to an illuminating post in the weblog breathlesspace brought to these pages through our Periodic Links.

Upcoming Parlor Attractions

  • Blue Valentine.  We’re planning on putting much thought into a Discourse in the near on this contemporary love story, which it is for sure, contemporary that is, in that it’s not a love story.   
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